GAUSS LOUDSPEAKERS Distributed by Southern California Sound
GAUSS LOUDSPEAKERS Distributed by Southern California Sound  

The return of a Legend!

We are proud to announce our Exclusive representation agreement for an ICON of Audio!


Gauss was one of the first, and now they are one of the last American Manufactured loudspeakers. Made to Last, a lifetime and beyond. Some of their drivers are still in operation with almost 70 years of service! When you want the best, you get the original. There's a reason why they have been chosen by some of the finest musical instrument companies, system builders, audio engineers, and musicians worldwide. Come and discover the difference for yourself!


From Fender Guitars, SWR Bass, Optonica Reference HiFi, to musical groups such as The Grateful Dead- the list of professionals that have used their Loudspeakers is simply amazing. Hear the music just like the original performer or recording engineer would have when it was originally composed!


Stay tuned for their official relaunch as they carry their tradition of fine hand built loudspeakers into the next generation of technology. With the same classic style cues, but better fidelity, greater efficiency, higher power handling, and with lower overall weight. There is no better time in the history of Audio. 


Gauss never set out to make a speaker, they intended on building a legacy!


If you are a hard core GAUSS loudspeaker enthusiast and you own archive worthy material that could be used for a legacy database, feel free to contact us anytime.

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What We Do for You:

Time to make new Audiophiles...


First make the Audiophile, then make the Audio! Are you ready?


You can no longer expect your brand or product to sell itself. Those days are over. The consumer cannot buy what it does not know exists.


The days of the Gen X buyer are nearly extinct and Generation Y and Z barely even understand why a high end audio system is important to their life.


Sales come from education, demonstation, and immersion. You can no longer sell a product, you must sell a 

Lifestyle Experience.


Get ready for the new GAUSS!

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